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Happy Hounds on Holidays: A Stress-Free Guide to Traveling with Your Dog


Embarking on holidays and exciting adventures while travelling with your dog is a joy, but it can also come with its own set of challenges. We’re activating holiday mode in this super cool guide to travelling with your canine companion by exploring top tips, hacks and troubleshooting tricks for stress-free travel and happy holidays with your dog.

From common concerns to tailored tips for travelling with your dog to different destinations, let's dive into the world of hassle-free holidays, to ensure that your journeys with your dog are pawsitively delightful experiences at any time of year!

Navigating Common Concerns and Pre-Travel Prep for Happy Holidays with Your Dog

Overcoming Travel Anxiety in Dogs:

Travel anxiety can be a real challenge for dogs, especially when embarking on a journey to new and unfamiliar places. One effective way to ease your pup into the travel mindset is by familiarising them with their crate in various locations.

The idea here is to remove any routine surrounding the crate, emphasizing effective dog crate training for travel and ensuring it's a comforting space no matter where your dog might need to use it. 

Begin the crate training process well in advance of your trip, placing the crate in different rooms of your home. Gradually extend this to outdoor locations, ensuring your dog associates the crate with security and comfort. This step-by-step introduction helps alleviate anxiety during the actual journey.

Bring the Comfort of Home on Holiday with Your Dog:

The importance of familiarity cannot be overstated when it comes to reducing travel anxiety. 

Whether it's a beloved blanket, a cherished toy, or an item with your scent, having these familiar items during your travels provides your dog with a sense of security. 

Introducing these items to your dog’s crate or travel space well in advance of any travel allows your dog to establish a positive connection with their home away from home.

Ditch the Routine at Home and Make Travelling with Your Dog Easy:

Sudden change in routines can be unsettling for dogs, which is why at AbsoluteDogs, we ditch the routine altogether! 

One way you can begin to ditch the routine is to gradually shift the times of your morning activities before your holiday (and keep mixing things up throughout daily life too - not just around holiday time)! 

By doing so, you're preparing your pup for the variations they might experience during travels and helping them to be calmer and more relaxed about changes to your routines even when you are at home. 

Not to mention, stress-free mornings set the tone for a relaxed vacation for both you and your travelling canine companion.

Engaging Games for a Smooth Road Trip when Holidaying with Your Dog

Get Set for Holiday Success with Travel Prep Fun for Your Dog:

Transform holidays into fun adventures, continue ditching that routine and make the novelty of holiday prep part of your daily life through games you play with your dog.

Playful interactions with suitcases, as well as incorporating them more into your everyday life can create positive associations with these novel items and will help avoid any stress or travel anxiety on your dog’s part.

You can also play fun games around your vehicle, as well as offer your dog tasty, long-lasting snacks and chews to prepare for a comfortable car journey over long distances as you sit quietly in the vehicle. Turning your car into a source of joy for your dog will ensure that the entire travel experience is as enjoyable as possible for your canine travel partner.

Ditch their regular food bowl and turn mealtimes into a source of excitement. Providing stuffed Kongs, lick mats or puzzle feeders can make the car a positive and enjoyable place for your dog, turning the journey into a culinary adventure. These food enrichment ideas contribute to a calming and delightful road trip when travelling with dogs by car.

Plan for the Unexpected when Travelling with Your Dog:

Planning for the unexpected is a crucial aspect of a smooth journey, as highlighted in the podcast through real-life scenarios. Teach your dog to put themselves in their crate or travel space using Boundary Games in real life!

This not only makes the process of loading and unloading stress-free but also serves as a fun and useful foundation skill for your dog’s everyday life. 

Additionally, consider incorporating simulated travel scenarios during playtime. Practice short durations of being in the crate, gradually increasing the time to simulate potential delays or unexpected situations. 

By doing so, your dog becomes accustomed to the unpredictability of travel, making them more adaptable and resilient in real-life situations.

Tailored Travel Tips for Visiting Varied Destinations on Holiday with Your Dog

Make Beach Getaways Fun when Travelling with Your Dog:

When planning a dog-friendly holiday or beach vacation with your dog, thorough preparation is essential. Some beaches, especially here in the UK, can stretch for miles and it's crucial to ensure your dog's safety. 

Packing a long line for your dog is absolutely vital, and even more so if your dog is not accustomed to being off-leash. This provides them with the freedom to explore while also staying safe and securely connected to you. 

And don’t forget the importance of identification. Whether through embroidered collars or flexi-style tags, having clear identification ensures a swift reunion if your pup decides to embark on an unscheduled solo adventure.

Keep in mind that jangly, dangly tags can easily come loose from your dog's collar - especially if the lead is accidentally attached to the tag instead of the collar if you are in a hurry, something that will not offer a secure connection should your dog try to pull or lunge away from you.

It’s also important to scout the area for suitable toileting spots for your dog and be mindful of potential hazards like strong currents, off-leash dogs running loose, novel sights and sounds of the beach and be cautious about potential dangers, such as dogs chasing seagulls into the water.

Remember, a safety-first focus is a must for a fun-filled beach vacation with your canine companion, creating unforgettable beach vacations with dogs.

Planning City Escapes on Holidays with Your Dog:

Navigating cityscapes with your dog requires strategic planning. Start by checking out your surroundings before introducing your dog to the new environment. 

If arriving by taxi or cab, take a moment to inspect the area for potential stressors. The goal is to create a calm and secure space for your dog. 

When you arrive inside your accommodation, setting up your dog’s space first is key, with a familiar crate or bedding which will provide a designated safe haven for your pup. 

Additionally, consider your dog's toileting needs and ensure there are easily accessible spaces nearby where your dog can do their business. Plus, teaching your dog to toilet on cue before you head off on holiday is super useful too, not just when travelling, but in everyday life!

This preparation can make a significant difference in ensuring stress-free holidays with dogs and a comfortable journey. A little pre-planning goes a long way in ensuring a stress-free city travel with your dog.

Dining Out at Pubs and Restaurants when on Holiday with Your Dog:

Enjoying meals at pubs and restaurants when you are travelling with your dog requires careful consideration and should never be attempted for the first time when you holiday.

It’s important to train FOR the situation and acclimate your dog to cafes, pubs and eateries in your local area before the trip, so they become accustomed to the novel spaces and you can set them up to succeed in busy environments

When it comes to dining out with your dog, whether at home or during your holiday, always bring a portable boundary, such as a blanket or vet bed, to create a familiar and comfortable space for your dog. This not only ensures their contentment but also prevents potential disruptions in public spaces. 

It’s also vital to check the dog-friendliness of your chosen establishment, as some places may have local dogs accustomed to roaming freely around the space. If uncertain, opting for a takeaway and sitting somewhere that allows you to enjoy your meal without exposing your dog to potentially stressful encounters is a great alternative.

Following these tips makes dining out with your dog a delightful experience - all with just a little bit of preparation. 

Paving the Way for Pawesome Journeys when Travelling on Holiday with Your Dog

Embarking on a holiday with your dog  can be a rewarding experience with valuable dog travel tips and the right preparation. Begin the groundwork from the moment a holiday spark is lit and remember that flexibility is the key to a harmonious trip. 

Shake up routines, create variability, and watch your dog seamlessly adjust to the ebb and flow of travel life. After all, a relaxed morning equals a delighted canine travel companion.

Make the journey an adventure by infusing fun into every step and tailor your approach based on your destination. A personalised strategy ensures your dog not only travels but thrives in diverse environments.

So, as you plan your next holiday with your dog, armed with the wisdom from this blog, remember; preparation breeds relaxation, adaptability fuels ease, fun transforms the journey, and tailoring ensures tail-wagging success. 

Want to dive even deeper into strategies, solutions and fun games for travel and holiday success with your dog? Jump into the AbsoluteDogs Games Club

Here's to creating memories of panting smiles, waggy tails, sandy paws, and stress-free adventures with your dog. Happy travels!