Positive Concept Dog Training For Every Dog & Every Owner

Positive Concept Dog Training For Every Dog & Every Owner

Absolute Dogs approaches dog training with a blend of cutting edge science, a huge spoonful of optimism and a great sense of humour through our games-based methodology.

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What Is Concept Dog Training?

A dog's brain is made up of concepts. The level of skill for each concept influences the choices they make in daily life. Each skill can be built over time by focusing on that particular skill - and what better way to do it than playing games.

  • Select a skill to build up Select a skill to build up
  • Train for the situation Train for the situation
  • Find the right game Find the right game
  • Get Community Support Get Community Support
  • ...and learn much more!
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Lady in red with dog agility champion
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So, Why Games Instead Of The Usual Dog Training?


Play games

Short games are easier to execute with busy schedules = more consistency in training


Focus on behaviours

Focused on behaviors rather than outcome in dogs, allows them to transfer into real life more easily

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Witness real-life results and your dog’s growth and transformation.

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Get Started With Concept Dog Training

Whatever your current struggle or desire, we have a game for that! Select a class and have fun!

Training your dog and having quality time has never been easier!

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<p>Train Your <em><strong>Dog</strong></em><br/>For Real-Life Concepts</p>
<p>Train Your <em><strong>Dog</strong></em><br/>For Real-Life Concepts</p>

Train Your Dog
For Real-Life Concepts

Calm dogs make great choices! Help your dog become calm after excitement.

Helps your dog to be happy and calm in their own company = means they can be left alone ;)

The ability to be able to listen to you even in a distracting environment!

Your dog will understand the concept of looking for ‘permission’ to do something they love

Builds real determination, staying power and never gives up.

Creates a dog who chooses to stay close to you and come back to you.

Concept Dog Training Success Stories

Absolute Dogs has completely and utterly changed my life!

our happy dogs & customers

Absolute Dogs has completely and utterly changed my life!

Gillian portrait

our happy dogs & customers

Life with my dog was the definition of challenging! Through games and through fun she is now a complete joy!

Sarah and Boddy

our happy dogs & customers

I really did not like my dog and I'm sure he did not like me either! Then Absolute Dogs came into our lives, and the games and Games Club changed everything!