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Games Club is a unique online platform that delivers fun and rewarding gamified dog training. Whatever your dog training struggle, we have a game for that!


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Subscribe and get access to a vast library of practical training videos, bonus courses, exclusive resources and weekly content updates.


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Start with our targeted Success Path to get you and your dog off on the right track, then choose targeted games and teaching that tackle your dog’s struggles. Watch the video lessons and get ready to apply the learning!

Find a course that tackles your dog’s struggles & watch the video

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Play the recommended games with your dog and unleash the fun!


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Witness real-life results and your dog’s growth and transformation.

What Our Members Have to Say

Absolute Dogs has completely and utterly changed my life!

our happy dogs & customers

Absolute Dogs has completely and utterly changed my life!

Gillian portrait

our happy dogs & customers

Life with my dog was the definition of challenging! Through games and through fun she is now a complete joy!

Sarah and Boddy

our happy dogs & customers

I really did not like my dog and I'm sure he did not like me either! Then Absolute Dogs came into our lives, and the games and Games Club changed everything!

<p>What’s <em><strong>Included</strong></em><br/>With Games Club?</p>
<p>What’s <em><strong>Included</strong></em><br/>With Games Club?</p>

What’s Included
With Games Club?

A vast library of practical training videos with our expert dog trainers.

Designed to set you up for success, the Success Path will guide you through foundation training games and give you access to our community
for hands on support.

We tailor our content releases around our community needs and release new training videos or resources regularly as part of your membership and as a result of your feedback – at no additional costs!

Can you complete the Weekly Challenge videos and teach your dog new skills? Great for keeping yourself motivated or to give you a new training focus each week.

Access targeted playlists and games collections covering all struggles, including nuisance barking, loose lead walking, recall, socialisation, reactivity to people and/or dogs, separation anxiety, fitness and wellbeing and so much more!

FREE access to some of our bestselling courses worth over £200 as a bonus of your membership! Includes the Sexier Than a Squirrel Dog Training Challenge, Relationship Success, Real Life Boundaries and all four of our 10-day courses – Stop Barking, Stop Pulling, Stop Stealing and Stop Jumping!

Access to our private supportive and uplifting worldwide community of dog trainers and dog owners for feedback and support - exclusively for Games Club members.

Games Club members get special offers throughout the year.

<p>What’s <em><strong>Included</strong></em><br/>With Games Club?</p>




Money Back Guarantee

Games Club
Frequently Asked Questions

Games Club is a monthly membership subscription. You can cancel your membership at any point by getting in touch with our customer support team.

You can watch what you want to watch, when you want to, as long as you have access to reliable internet. Take your time and do a video a day, binge watch a whole collection of videos, or dip in once or twice a week. It's up to you. Just remember to play the games too! Little and often is most effective. Got a spare 3 minutes while the kettle boils or during an advert break in your favourite TV programme? Play a game with your dog! You'll be surprised how much progress you can make with short, fun targeted training sessions.

You will work thorugh our guided Success Path first. This will give you the foundational games and knowledge you need to make the very best out of the rest of the content. As soon as you've completed the Success Path you can dive into the vast library of games, video lessons and bonus content.

As well as access to our extensive library of practical training videos, downloadable resources and our supportive community, your membership includes:

  • Boundary Games Course: 14-step video course with bonus Boundary Games webinar and eBook
  • Nifty Solutions: (Games Club exclusive) Puppy training course with step-by-step strategies with young Border Collie Nifty
  • Calm Course: 12-step video course with downloadable planner and eBook
  • 10 Days to Stop Barking: 11-part step-by-step video course
  • 10 Days to Stop Jumping: 16-part step-by-step video course
  • 10 Days to Stop Pulling: 13-part step-by-step video course
  • 10 Days to Stop Stealing: 18-part step-by-step video course
  • Relationship Success: Key skills to improve and build your bond with your dog
  • Sexier Than a Squirrel Dog Training Challenge: 14 powerful lessons showing you simple yet effective strategies to bring out the best in your dog
  • Super Trainer Live Archives: Our yearly dog training conference - access to days upon days of dog training content!
  • Live teaching in the community group: Join Pro Trainers live for training talks and teaching demonstrations, with the chance to ask your questions!

Games Club is a unique and cleverly designed online platform with a library of over 400 practical training videos covering every dog training challenge and struggle you can imagine. Our positive reinforcement, games-based approach makes learning enjoyable for both you and your dog. Choose your area of focus, use the filters to select games and teaching that addresses your struggle or training goal, and apply the teaching in fun, games-based sessions with your dog.

If within 90 days you feel that Games Club is not working for you, we will refund you the 90 days worth of payments. All we ask is that you’ve completed the Success Path foundation training.*

* Terms and Conditions apply.

<p>Games Club<br/>Frequently Asked Questions</p>

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