10 Days To Stop Stealing!

10 Days To Stop Stealing!

Do you have a dog that swipes food off your kitchen counters or even off
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10 Days To Stop Stealing!
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How it works

Go to each lesson, Click PLAY, and dive into expert dog training solutions.
Immediately play the game with your dog to cement the learning.
Get excited as your dog's behaviour transformation begins!
How it works


How will you benefit from this course?

  • Discover a range of fun training games that will reshape your dog’s brain so they start making better choices.
  • Learn the importance of management to help guide your dog’s choices and set them up for success.
  • Understand how to use the games and apply the strategies so you feel empowered to overcome your dog’s stealing struggles and get real life results.

What you get

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime Access

    For The Dog You Have Now & Those To Come
  • Real-Life Results Driven Online Learning

    Real-Life Results Driven Online Learning

    Games Selected For Max Impact
  • Resources & Downloads to Support the Teaching

    Resources & Downloads to Support the Teaching

    Download & Read Anywhere
  • Self-Paced Learning

    Self-Paced Learning

    Dip In And Out At Your Leisure

Course Snippets

Here’s a sneak peek at our 10 Days to Stop Stealing course:

  • 9 powerful Game Ups that teach your dog where the value is (away from those areas of temptation!)
  • 9 Skill Ups that empower you to set your dog up for success, limit opportunities for stealing to be rehearsed and understand the "why" behind your dog's stealing habits.
  • Resources to cement your learning and encourage you to measure your dog’s progress.

10 Days To Stop Stealing! Frequently Asked Questions

This programme is for any dog of any breed, size, age or genetic makeup - particularly those who have a habit of pinching inappropriate items!
Work through at your own pace, navigating a structured lesson option where you can watch what you want to watch, when you want to, as long as you have access to reliable internet. Take your time and do a video a day, binge watch, or a video every week, it's up to you!
You should see measurable progress in your dog's behaviour. Just remember that if your dog is still practising naughty behaviours and getting opportunities to steal items, that behaviour will be self-rewarding and your progress could be impacted. The course provides lots of ideas and practical suggestions for ways you can make use of management strategies while you teach your dog the skills to resist temptation and exercise some impulse control!
You get immediate and lifetime access to the course materials upon enrolment. This means you can revisit the lessons and resources anytime to refresh your knowledge or tackle new challenges.
No, prior training experience is not required.
If additional support is needed, you can contact our Ask team at, as well as take the opportunity to jump into Games Club, our comprehensive games library and recurring dog training subscription.
Refunds can be requested within 14 days of purchase. Any refund requests must be submitted through Confirmation of receipt of email will be delivered immediately. If there is a delay, use the contact page to send the query. No exceptions will be made post-14 days.
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