10 Days To Stop Separation Anxiety!

10 Days To Stop Separation Anxiety!

Are you struggling with your dog’s separation anxiety? Separation struggles are a problem for so

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10 Days To Stop Separation Anxiety!
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How it works

Go to each lesson, Click PLAY, and dive into expert dog training solutions designed to tackle your dog’s separation struggles.
Play the games with your dog to grow their skills.
Get excited as your dog’s separation transformation begins!
How it works


How will you benefit from this course?

  • Understand why your dog struggles with separation and what skills they are currently lacking - then discover fun games and easy to implement strategies that will help you build those missing skills - at your dog’s pace.
  • Learn the importance of training FOR the situation and how to implement a training plan that will set your dog up for the very best success.
  • Discover how your dog’s stress bucket could be playing a significant role in their separation struggles - and what to do about it!
  • Know how to structure your separation training plan and track your progress  with our easy to follow training tracker and supporting resources.

What you get

  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime Access

    For The Dog You Have Now & Those To Come
  • 10 Real-Life Results Driven Lessons + 2 Bonus Lessons

    10 Real-Life Results Driven Lessons + 2 Bonus Lessons

    Games Selected For Max Impact
  • Resources & Downloads Tailored to Overcome Separation Struggles

    Resources & Downloads Tailored to Overcome Separation Struggles

    Download & Read Anywhere
  • Self-Paced Learning

    Self-Paced Learning

    Dip In And Out At Your Leisure

Course Snippets

Here’s a sneak peek at 10 Days to Stop Separation Anxiety:

  • 12 powerful lessons, combining theory and practical games demonstrations that can be played with any dog.
  • An overview of concept training, showing you how building your dog’s skills through simple, fun, effective games can target behaviour struggles and skyrocket your progress.
  • The practical application - understand why you should play each game and how it relates to your dog’s separation struggles.
  • Resources to support the video lessons, designed to help you track your progress and keep yourself accountable.

10 Days To Stop Separation Anxiety! Frequently Asked Questions

This programme is ideal for any dog owner who is struggling with their dog’s separation anxiety. Whether your dog follows you round the house and won’t leave your side, or you have a dog who is pretty cool being separated from you at home but struggles when leave the house, this course is packed with practical strategies and games to build their skills and help them feel calm, confident and content spending periods of time alone.
Each lesson ranges from 2-6 minutes so you can digest the learning in bite-sized chunks. You will need to invest time and commitment to your dog’s training plan in order to see results. However, it doesn’t have to be hard. Training should never be a long time, just a fun time. Weave your training sessions into your day as your lifestyle allows and you will see the wins!
Within the first 10 days, you can expect to see a noticeable progress in your dog’s ability to be separated from you. Do keep in mind that helping your dog learn the skills to spend time alone - and see that as a good deal - isn’t an overnight fix, so you should expect to continue working on the games and strategies beyond the first 10 days to really solidify the learning and keep making progress towards your goals. The course equips you with strategies to maintain and further your progress.
No prior training is required and it's also okay if you have several layers of training under your belt. Skilling up your knowledge is never a bad thing! If you’re brand new to games-based training you will find our teaching easy to access and our games a great way to boost your relationship with your dog while working on building skills that will address real-life training challenges.
Absolutely! The games and strategies you will learn will help your dog learn the skills to be cool, calm and relaxed being separated from you when you are present, as well as when you’re absent.
If additional support is needed, you do get 60 days access FREE to our community, as well as an opportunity to jump into Games Club, our comprehensive games library and recurring dog training subscription.
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