7 Tips to Make Take Your Dog to Work Day a Tail-Wagging Success!

7 Tips to Make Take Your Dog to Work Day a Tail-Wagging Success!


This year, Friday, June 21st marks Take Your Dog to Work Day, and it’s the perfect chance to enjoy a day full of wagging tails and puppy love with your colleagues while celebrating this fabulously fun day at work with your dog. 

It’s also a brilliant opportunity for companies and businesses to recognise and embrace the absolutely invaluable role dogs play in their employees’ lives, wellness and general happiness.

At Absolute Dogs, we’re all about setting dogs up for ultimate success in everyday life, and growing skills that help with real world situations, through enriching, fun and engaging experiences with our powerhouse games-based concept training as the foundation of it all.

Having pet dogs in an office or in the workplace can create a wonderful experience for both the employees and the pups! If you're planning on bringing your dog along to be your canine coworker for the day, there are a few important things to keep in mind to ensure a fun and safe day for everyone. 

So whether you’re a seasoned dog guardian or new to the world of canine companionship, we've got some super “take your dog to work” tips to ensure a positively successful day at the office with your dog!

Preparing for Success Before Taking Your Dog to the Office

Before packing up your pup’s favourite toys and heading to work, it’s important to think about whether your dog is ready for this exciting – and potentially strange and overwhelming – new adventure. 

Consider the following questions:

✔️ How are your dog’s household manners and social skills

✔️ Are they comfortable and optimistic in new places and around people and dogs?

✔️ Is your dog toilet trained and well-behaved to avoid accidents and marking?

✔️ Can your dog relax quietly and calmly without barking or disturbing others?

✔️ Are they able to hang out and stay in one place without your constant attention?

✔️ Is your dog well-behaved on a leash and not reactive to other dogs or people?

For a successful and enjoyable Take Your Dog to Work Day – or any other day at the office with your dog – making sure your dog has all the skills needed to be calm and comfortable at work with you, while coping with the new and novel sights and sounds is key!

It’s also vital that you consider your dog’s health and wellness before taking them to work with you. It’s important to make sure your dog is well-groomed and that their microchip details are correct, while also ensuring that they are adequately protected from parasites and their titre tests and/or vaccinations are also up-to-date.

Doggie Bag Essentials to Pack When Bringing Your Dog to Work

Before you and your dog head off together for a day at work, make sure you pack them a doggie bag of important essentials and familiar, comforting items from home. 

We’ve put together a bit of a list for you below to get you started:

✔️ Walking gear: collar, harness and leash (and a light puppy line for in the office)

✔️ Proper ID for your dog and all their gear

✔️ Comfortable bedding or your dog’s crate to pop beside your desk

✔️ A few favourite toys (for comfort and rewarding good behaviour)

✔️ Calming enrichment activities and long-lasting chews

✔️ Treats for training and reinforcing great choices

✔️ A water bowl and plenty of fresh water

✔️ Waste bags and clean-up items like paper towels and pet-safe disinfectant

✔️ A canine first-aid kit and any medications or other important things your dog might need whilst away from home


By being prepared and packing for your pup in advance, you are setting yourself up for success and making sure you and your dog can start Take Your Dog to Work Day off on the right paw – and have an enjoyable, stress-free day together.

Top Tips for a Dog-Friendly Work Day When Taking Your Dog to the Office

Taking your dog to work is a fantastic opportunity to bond with them and introduce them to your coworkers. Plus, the positive benefits of dogs in the office can make a normally long day at the office a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

To make it a truly enjoyable day for you, your dog and your coworkers, here are some strategies you can implement to provide a wonderful experience for all.


Before your dog sets foot (or rather, paw) in your workplace for the first time, it's essential you take some time to ensure the office environment is safe for them. The first step is to ensure there are no escape routes, hidey holes or spaces where your dog could escape, get stuck or get lost.

Cables, cords and rubbish bins can be hazardous – and you don't want them getting into bins or people’s food – so you'll also need to do a check and ensure that everything is set up, so these things are not easily accessible to your dog. 

It's also important to remove any potentially dangerous items out of paw's reach to keep your dog safe. Remove toxic or poisonous plants, put away human snacks like candy and chocolate, and secure other risky or questionable items such as permanent markers, correction fluid and other stationary that might pose a risk to your pup when you bring them into the office.


Designate a specific area in your workspace, ideally beside or under your desk, where your dog can feel safe and relaxed. This is an excellent opportunity to practise and proof your dog’s Boundary Games skills. 

Set up your dog’s water bowl near their bed, in a place your dog can freely and readily access at all times – while keeping it a safe distance from any nearby electrical items or outlets.  

Having their bed, boundary or crate as a defined space for them to hang out helps your dog understand where they can rest and provides a sense of security, which is a key part of a dog-friendly office setup. If you need to leave your workspace for any reason, ensure you have a dependable colleague nearby that your dog knows and trusts to supervise them directly while you are absent.


Be sure to allow for regular breaks throughout the day to allow your dog ample opportunity to stretch their legs, and have some form of an enrichment break away from the office and to go to the toilet.

Remember, new environments can be both confusing and exciting for our dogs, so if your dog does accidentally go to the toilet in the office, it is vital that you avoid punishing or scolding them. You can also guard their optimism and be their best advocate by not allowing your coworkers or people to make a fuss or have a negative interaction with your dog if they are present when the accident occurs. 

If an accident does occur, remember that your dog won’t understand they have done something inappropriate and be understanding of the excitement and confusion they might be feeling from being in a new setting. Stay calm and avoid any reaction. Simply pop your dog back on their boundary with a long-lasting chew, or take them outside to finish toileting first, then when you return you can thoroughly clean the area soiled with a pet-safe, non-ammonia-based cleaning product, which you can find at your local vet or pet supply store.

Taking some time out throughout the day to play some enriching scentwork games and allow your dog the chance to sniff and explore outside will help them decompress, while providing a super opportunity for some mental exercise and stimulation. This is one of the best practices for office dogs, at any time of year.


Keep a close eye on your dog's behaviour throughout the day. Look for signs of stress or discomfort, such as excessive panting, whining, or restlessness. If your dog seems overwhelmed, it might be best to take them home early to avoid a negative experience. Monitoring and managing dog behaviour at work (and in everyday life) is crucial for a successful day at the office.

Additionally, if your coworkers are bringing their dogs to the office, or you already have a resident office dog, it’s important to ensure all pups are safe and comfortable, especially if they have never met before. Provided all dogs are appropriately behaved, friendly and calm, try meeting outside the office as naturally as possible and perhaps continue on a short walk together for dogs to get used to one another before taking them into your office space.

Of course, it’s always essential to remember that not every dog, no matter how well trained and socialised they are, may enjoy the experience of a trip to the office with you, so it’s critical to have an exit strategy or the ability to give your dog a break outside if you notice they are struggling with the new and novel experiences of the day.


As much as we all love our dogs, we also know that not every person in the world is a dog person, and that’s okay. It’s important to respect your coworkers' space and comfort levels by keeping your dog on their boundary and avoiding areas where they are not welcome. 

It’s also vital to check ahead of time, and refer to workplace pet policies your office might have, to make sure there are no issues bringing your dog to work with you, as you may have some colleagues present valid reasons for dogs not being allowed in the workplace or in their office, such as severe allergies or phobias. 

Demonstrating good manners will showcase your dog’s training and make the experience enjoyable for everyone while also following the best office pet guidelines.

Take Your Dog to Work Day can be a fantastic bonding experience for you and your dog, as well as a delightful way to introduce them to your coworkers. By preparing ahead of time and using the power of concept training techniques, you can ensure that the day is enjoyable, stress-free, and fun for everyone involved. 

Embrace the opportunity, and let’s make bringing your dog to work a tail-wagging success. Don’t forget, you can use these dog-friendly office tips at any time of year – and to get your dog ready for next year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day if they are unable to join you in the office this year.

And be sure to check out the Absolute Dogs Games Club if you want to learn more about games-based concept training and enjoy the awesome fun of training your dog through the power of positive training and play.