Is Punishment Necessary in Dog Training? Ft. Dan Tower Anderson
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Is Punishment Necessary in Dog Training? Ft. Dan Tower Anderson


In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast Lauren is joined by super cool Pro Dog Trainer, Dan 'Tower' Anderson, who is back to chat about his journey as a dog trainer, his past experiences in the world of aversive training and how the revolution of positive games-based training - and becoming a Pro Dog Trainer - has totally transformed him as a trainer and an owner!

Join us as we dive deeper into what aversive training is all about and the negative fallout that occurs when aversives are added into any training program for a quick-fix solution. We also chat about how instead of focusing on stopping problem behaviours you don't want, you can change the questions you ask - and ask even better questions - to allow you to get a different (and more successful) answer! 

We look at how following a path of tried and tested games-based training concepts can help you to become your dog's best advocate and lets you focus on what you DO want from your dog, so you can set them up to achieve lasting, joyful, real-life results success with ANY training or behaviour struggle!

Whether you've had experiences with aversive training methods in the past, whether you're totally new to dog training or even if you're curious about the difference between styles of training and want to better understand how they work, this emotional, powerful podcast is seriously thought-provoking and you absolutely will not want to miss it!

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