Sniff, Search, Succeed: Tips for Total Dog Training Success
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Sniff, Search, Succeed: Tips for Total Dog Training Success


Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!

In this episode, our very own superstar Pro Dog Trainer, Sam, is joined by specialist search and elite operational dog trainer, coach, and teacher extraordinaire, Dave, who is bringing us his wealth of knowledge gained through an extensive career in all things specialist dog training, operational dogs, teaching, and more!

Dave’s experiences offer incredible insight and are packed with educational value for pet dog trainers, professional dog trainers and anyone in between! With experience training all dogs, from pet dogs and puppies to working dogs for the operational force and teaching handlers and their dogs in the art of security, detection, tracking and scent work, bite work, and so much more.

From the intricacies of reinforcement to thrilling stories of searching for world leaders, in this episode, Dave shares his insights on the critical role of motivation and understanding your dog's preferences. Discover the exciting crossover between scent work and agility training, and find out how to channel your dog's motivation for a seamless blend of fun and learning.

Whether you're intrigued by obedience, agility, or the thrilling world of scent work, Dave offers valuable tips and experiences to inspire you. Learn how to start simple with games like fetch, turning them into engaging scent activities that unleash your dog's natural talents.

Tune in now for a riveting exploration of the multifaceted dog training world, filled with expert advice, captivating stories, and practical tips from a seasoned professional.