Puppy Long Line

Puppy Long Line

Management is essential to puppy training, and this puppy line makes management easy and

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Puppy Long Line
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How it works

Secure the clip to your puppy's collar or harness.
Leave the lightweight line trailing.
Take hold of the line to interrupt less desirable choices or guide your puppy away from trouble and towards more appropriate options. Can also be used to progress your dog's recall training, as a super bridge between a heavier long line and total off-leash freedom.
How it works


How will you benefit from this having this product?

  • A great management tool, use to easily interrupt your puppy or small dog during naughty or undesirable behaviours.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, great for travel and at home.
  • Perfect for establishing clear expectations with your puppy without requiring constant picking up or handling.

Puppy Long Line Frequently Asked Questions

A puppy line is a great management tool to have in your training kit. The lightweight line can trail behind your puppy without restricting their movements. There is no handle, so the line won't get tangled or snagged on things as your puppy moves about and explores their environment, but you have the security of knowing you can take hold of the line at any point to redirect your puppy's attention or move them calmly and positively away from trouble.
Not at all. This is a brilliant item to have in your training kit whatever age and stage of dog you're working with. It's a must-have for older dogs who aren't quite ready for the responsibility of total off-leash freedom in certain environments, giving you a super way of bridging that gap between a lead or long line and allowing your dog the responsiblity of going off lead.
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