Reactive and Aggressive Dogs: Expert Advice for Practical Prevention
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Reactive and Aggressive Dogs: Expert Advice for Practical Prevention

Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!
In this episode, we're excited to welcome back rock star elite operational and specialist dog trainer, Dave, who is joining us to tackle the often guarded topic of dog aggression and how we as owners, caregivers, and trainers can manage and overcome reactive and aggressive dogs, while empowering ourselves with the right training tools for success!

With over 40 years of combined experience in training all kinds of dogs, from Malinois and German Shepherds, to Pointers, Collies and Labradors, as well as Spaniels, Terriers, mixed-breed and rescue dogs, Lauren and Dave are not just talking the talk; they're walking you through troubleshooting tips, practical training techniques and empowering lifestyle strategies in this episode!

We’re diving into our best solutions to help you reduce or avoid reactivity and dog aggression, such as:

🐾 Considering lifestyle adjustments that create the right environment for your dog to thrive in and avoiding situations they may feel uncomfortable, or overwhelmed.
🐾 Offering appropriate activities that boost confidence, reduce anxiety and engage and stimulate a dog's mind to build their focus on the right things.
🐾 Teaching a dog new behaviours that are incompatible with the inappropriate choices they are making.
🐾 Working to build confidence and calmness for dog owners through support and guidance from experienced trainers or communities, as dogs often pick up on emotions and body language from their handlers.

All that and so much more is packed into this episode, so if you're tired of feeling overwhelmed or helpless in the face of reactivity or dog aggression towards other dogs, people, and more, tune in now!

Don't forget to share this episode and let’s embark on a journey toward a safer, more harmonious relationship with your dog and unleash positive change in the world for reactive and aggressive dogs, one paw at a time!

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