Double Clip Leads

Bright, fun and brilliantly practical, our Double Clip Biothane Leads allow you to walk your dog with two points of connection.



Looking for more!? These Double Clip Biothane leads are also part The Ultimate Stop Barking Collection
Dealing with barking struggles poses a real challenge. This exclusive collection is your ticket to achieving a peaceful home.

What’s included in this super collection?
10 Days To Stop Barking digital course

Did you know you can transform your dog’s barking struggles through specific, targeted training games? Empower yourself to address your dog’s barking with practical solutions, achieving long-lasting, real-life results.

There’s A Game For That! Recipe Book

Additionally, Train your dog with inspiration, not intimidation, and also witness daily breakthrough moments as the struggle disappears! In this super book, we’ve compiled our greatest collection of structured 3-minute dog training games to address your dog’s challenges effectively.

Double Clip Biothane Lead

Our Biothane Dual Attachment Leash is bright, fun, and brilliantly practical, enabling you to walk your dog with two points of connection (harness and collar, front and back clips of harness, harness and head collar). Moreover, It comes in four colors, with randomly selected uplifting Gamechanger phrases. Explore suggestions on how to use your Twin Clip Biothane Dog Leash here

Treat Bag

Futhermore, Grab your treat bag and let’s go! Absolute Dogs offers fun and funky rewards training treat bags as the solution to no longer having pockets filled with treats in your coat or trousers! They come in three colors, each randomly selected.

Poo Bags

Never forget your absoluteDOGS poo bags when you leave home. These biodegradable bags, complete with tie handles, feature a delightful rose scent.

Doggy Double

In addition, Are you prepared to be the fastest player in spotting the matching symbol and shouting it out loud? This game demands speed, keen observation, and quick reflexes! With 57 cards featuring iconic Absolute Dogs images, each sharing a single, unique image in common, your objective is to be the first to locate the matching image. However, beware, Gamechanger! The size or location of the image may vary on each card!

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