Listen to what the dogs
have to say...

In our videos, you will see our own dogs, as well as student’s dogs.

We work with dogs of all different breeds, sizes, and age, as well as histories to show you that games WORK!

All of the dogs we work with have a special place in our hearts and we hope that you’ll discover your favourites, you’ll delight in their individual personalities, and you’ll celebrate with us when they have their own struggles that we then turn into incredible strengths.

Our Mission

Share the Joy. Inspire Passion. Be intentional.

We want to touch the lives of dog owners all over the world and help them to overcome their dog’s behaviour struggles to enable both dog and owner to live fulfilling and enriching lives.

What's a Gamechanger anyway?

Check out the Gamechanger Manifesto below to find out!

The Ask Team

The Ask Team is more than just your customer service contact to answer questions, address concerns, and seek solutions with you. They are the experience, the humming energy in the background spreading positivity and joy. They are at the heart of solution seeking and represent the passion and ethos that AbsoluteDogs embraces.

Customer Service blob dog wearing a headset standing in front of a laptop
Bob men and blob dog behind laptops taking calls from customers
Blob man behind a laptop with a mobile phone that says Ask on the screen
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