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Sexier than a Squirrel

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What dog behaviour struggle would
you like to overcome?

Barking, lunging, growling and pulling on lead...
Would you love a reliable recall?

Would you love to be sexier than...

The half-eaten hamburger?

The socks your dog just found in your house?

The dog barking on the other side of the path?

The kids playing ball sports in the park?

What would you like to conquer?

With games, you can face any struggle head on.

  • Pulling on lead
  • Lunging and reactivity
  • Jumping up
  • Household manners
  • A dog who doesn't listen
  • Puppy problem behaviours
  • House training
  • Rescue dog struggles
  • Barking... at everything!
  • Over excitement and distracted behaviour

No matter your dog's breed,
age or history

What are the benefits?

We'll guide you through each day of the challenge where you'll receive:

Every day for 25 days...

  • A games demonstration
  • WHY the games work (and how they re-shape your dog's brain)
  • Games demo'd with different breeds and troubleshooting advice
  • The pathway to overcoming any dog training struggle

Every day for 25 days...

  • Exclusive resources to streamline the process
  • Private Facebook group of 40,000+ likeminded supportive Gamechangers
  • Facebook Live webinars to propel your learning (and speed up your success)
  • Lifetime access to the course

Don't just take our word for it

Real-life results aren’t just a dream – check out these incredible transformations from our Gamechanger community:

The Mailman!

Today, I was sexier than a mailman AND a UPS truck AT THE SAME TIME! Madelyn & Mufasa

Today, I was sexier than a mailman AND a UPS truck AT THE SAME TIME!!!! This is the biggest accomplishment I've ever had with Mufasa. He easily walked by a mailman when a UPS truck was pulling up on the other side. Didn't jump on anyone AND didn't try to get in the truck. Proud dog mom right here!

Another dog!

YESSSSS, this morning I was sexier than a squirrel!
Sue & Quincy

... sexier than a lunging, barking dog and sexier than a low flying helicopter . I am so proud of my Quincy and I still can't quite believe it . The squirrel literally ran across our path 3 metres from us ... Quincy looked at it and before I could say ‘niiiiice’ or do anything his little head swiveled to me and just blanked it!!!!!

A Kangaroo!

I was sexier than a huge kangaroo this morning!
Jennifer & Tully

WOW OH WOW... I was sexier than a huge kangaroo this morning!
Tully loves a good chase and often there are roos at our local oval. I've made sure we stay away from them so there has zero rehearsal of chasing them over the last few months.
This morning it was foggy and she saw the roo, started to run then turned away and ran back to me on her own with no input from me. How's that for the power of concept training and brain reshaping!!

A skunk!

I called her name, she did a complete 180 and came running back to me! Lorri & Kona

Kona went running off after a skunk tonight . I called her name, she did a complete 180 and came running back to me! We came in the house, and she went straight to middle. These games really work!!

Fox poo!

Today I was full on sexy , sexier than a pigeon, seagull and even fox poo! Helen & Penny

Day 4 of STAS.... today I was full on sexy , sexier than a pigeon, seagull and even fox poo!!!! Made me feel so good . Penny was awesome, I could see people going past smiling obviously thinking what a good dog instead of the sympathy looks I used to get . Penny trotted along beside me looking lovingly at me. One very proud mum today .

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  • Tom is a top Veterinary Behaviourist in the UK and a world-renowned dog trainer
  • Tom loves his Standard Poodles and likes to dive deep into WHY your dogs do the things they do
  • Tom also runs the largest Behaviourist practice in the UK - Behavet
  • If he’s not in his Vet role, or training dogs and trainers, he can usually be found with a whiteboard somewhere nearby, a dog chilling at his side, ready and poised to provide dog behaviour geek-outs to the AbsoluteDOGS community
  • Tom doesn’t just show you the training games you need to play with your dog, he explains how dog behaviour works and the proven science behind it



  • Lauren is an Agility champion and regular Crufts winner with her canine partners and superstars and has got what it takes to champion you and your dog to win, win, win!
  • Former teacher and lawyer and current dog training extraordinaire, Lauren’s passion is agility, sports dogs, fitness and coaching dog owners
  • Lauren surrounds herself with herding breeds and gundogs, both of which represent her energy, enthusiasm, and desire to take action
  • Lauren has founded the largest dog training facility in the UK, Devon Dogs.


Your guides

On day 1, you'll meet Jasper

You'll learn how to provide an enhanced and enriched experience that deepens and broadens the relationship you have with your dog. Jasper shows you how it's done! Increase your dog's desire to opt in to the experience that ultimately leads to a better behaved dog on Day 1.

On day 5, you'll meet Magma

Find the joy! Knowing what makes your dog happy is a surefire way to achieve more success in your dog training. Magma shows you how to find out what it is that lights your dog up so that you can use that to reinforce your dog instead of food!

On day 15, you'll meet Bet

Bet will show you how to get the impulse control you need from your dog through building desire first and then layering in control with an amazing game that will transform your dog's behaviour. Imagine your counter-surfing or bin-thief of a dog knowing when to make the right choice? A game a day makes the bad behaviour go away!

Your Hosts Tom and Lauren
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25 days & 25 games to become
Sexier than a Squirrel

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