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10 Days To Stop Jumping!



Does your dog have a bottom made out of a spring?

When you decided to get your dog, did you know that you were actually singing up to getting a “bouncey, trouncey, ouncey, pouncey” Tigger instead? 

Of course you didn’t! But we can imagine what you might have now… 

  • Jumping on guests
  • Leaping on unsuspecting strangers
  • Bounding after your kids
  • Pouncing on the postman
  • Diving on the delivery guy
  • Launching at YOU every chance they get

Did you know that you have the ability to transform your dog’s jumping struggles through the power of specific, targeted training games?

In this Stop Jumping! challenge, you will discover solutions that will help you to overcome all your dog’s bouncy behaviours:

  • In the house
  • Out on walks
  • At the window
  • Onto the kitchen counter
  • As visitors arrive
  • In the garden

And SO MUCH more!

6 Brand New Game Ups that teach your dog how to navigate life with less bounce, less jumping and with their feet firmly on the ground!

9 Brand New Skill Ups that empower you to overcome every one of your dog’s jumping up struggles!

Resources to cement your learning, help you plan your household to set up for ultimate success and encourage you (and your family) to measure your dog’s awesome progress!

Within this programme, you will unlock learning that has transformed the lives of thousands of dogs all over the world. 


Get IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME access. Start TODAY, keep this course FOREVER and get real-life results training transformation SUCCESS! 

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