The Ultimate Stop Barking Collection

Barking struggles can be a real challenge, so with this exclusive collection we're bringing you your ticket to a peaceful home.



10 Days to Stop Barking digital course, There’s A Game For That! Recipe Book, Double Clip Biothane Lead, Treat Bag, Poo Bags and Doggy Double Card Game

Barking struggles can be a real challenge, so with this exclusive collection we’re bringing you your ticket to a peaceful home.

What’s included in this super collection?

10 Days To Stop Barking digital course
Did you know that you have the ability to transform your dog’s barking struggles through the power of specific, targeted training games? Feel empowered and capable to take on your dog’s barking with practical solutions for long-lasting, real-life results.

There’s A Game For That! Recipe Book
When you train your dog using inspiration (not intimidation) the breakthrough moments you long for become a daily reality and the struggle disappears! In this super book, we’ve put together our greatest collection of fun 3-minute dog training games to help tackle your dog’s struggle in a structured way.

Double Clip Biothane Lead
Bright, fun and brilliantly practical, our double clip leads allow you to walk your dog with two points of connection (harness and collar, front and back clips of harness, harness and head collar). Available in four colours, printed with a range of uplifting Gamechanger phrases (colour will be selected randomly).

Treat Bag
Grab your treat bag and let’s go!! Absolute Dogs fun and funky rewards training treat bags are your answer to no more coat or trouser pockets filled with treats! Available in three colours, complete with a belt (colour will be selected randomly).

Poo Bags
Never leave home without your very own absoluteDOGS poo bags. Biodegradable rose scented bags complete with tie handles.

Doggy Double
Are you ready to be the fastest player to spot the matching symbol and shout it out loud? It’s a game of speed, observation, and quick reflexes! Using 57 different cards adorned with iconic Absolute Dogs images, each with a single, unique image in common, your goal is to be the first to find the matching image. But be careful, Gamechanger! It may be a different size or in a different location on each card!