Game On, Puppy! (only on Amazon)

Your dog training transformation handbook for all dogs, from puppies to rescues, young and old - this is THE games based training bible for ALL dog owners!



Game On, Puppy! is the NEW dog training handbook from Dr Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman, founders of AbsoluteDogs, which leads you through everything you need to know about training your dog using a unique games-based approach, all backed up by the latest science.

Targeting the why behind your dog’s behaviour rather than suppressing the symptoms, Game On, Puppy! covers:

the basics: toilet training, sleep and travel
next level: socialising, recall, walks and being home alone
concept training: games to build alone-time confidence, optimism and reduce reactivity

“To anyone who hasn’t bought the game on puppy book – do it now! I’ve only watched the first 2 lessons in the free badge that you get with the pre order and I’ve had so much value from those 2 lessons alone. T&L give you the information in such a user friendly way. I’ve done PDT and Geek and I’m still finding this badge useful – lightbulbs galore lighting up in my head. I wish i had more hours in the day to binge watch it all right now.

Janet G

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Game On Puppy Dog Training Book

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