The Essential Puppy Parent Collection

The ultimate training solution to set you and your pup up for success on the amazing, exhilarating journey that is dog ownership.



BRAND NEW Perfect Pet Dog digital course, Game On, Puppy! Book, There’s A Game For That! Recipe Book, Puppy Line, Double Clip Biothane Lead, Clicker, Treat Bag, Poo Bags and Doggy Double Card Game

The ultimate training solution to set you and your pup up for success on the amazing, exhilarating journey that is dog ownership.

What’s included in this super collection?

BRAND NEW Pet Dog digital course
Whether you own a sports dog, a working dog, a golden oldie or you’ve just welcomed a puppy into your life, what should you focus on to skill your dog up to be an awesome companion? How can you help your dog be the very best version of themselves as you journey through life together? Whatever stage you’re at with your own pet dog, get the foundations in place and you are well on your way to giving your dog the skills and concepts they need to navigate life – and this course will show you how!

Game On, Puppy! Book
Your dog training transformation handbook for all dogs, from puppies to rescues, young and old – this is THE games based training bible for ALL dog owners!

There’s A Game For That! Recipe Book
When you train your dog using inspiration (not intimidation) the breakthrough moments you long for become a daily reality and the struggle disappears! In this super book, we’ve put together our greatest collection of fun 3-minute dog training games to help tackle your dog’s struggle in a structured way.

Puppy Line
Getting it right from the start when it comes to your puppy will make for an easier road ahead as they grow and develop into an adult dog. By popping this lightweight 2 metre puppy line onto your puppy’s harness you can have fun playing games that grow value in being close to you (this is the secret to your recall by the way!) and also manage what choices your puppy makes. Have a puppy line as part of your training toolkit is one sure fire way to set your puppy up for success!

Double Clip Biothane Lead
Bright, fun and brilliantly practical, our double clip leads allow you to walk your dog with two points of connection (harness and collar, front and back clips of harness, harness and head collar). Available in four colours, printed with a range of uplifting Gamechanger phrases (colour will be selected randomly).

As you and your dog embark on your trick training journey, it’s going to be important to consistently communicate the precise moment your dog gets something right. Clickers are great for precision marking and make a super addition to your training toolkit.

Treat Bag
Grab your treat bag and let’s go!! Absolute Dogs fun and funky rewards training treat bags are your answer to no more coat or trouser pockets filled with treats! Available in three colours, complete with a belt (colour will be selected randomly).

Poo Bags
Never leave home without your very own absoluteDOGS poo bags. Biodegradable rose scented bags complete with tie handles.

Doggy Double
Are you ready to be the fastest player to spot the matching symbol and shout it out loud? It’s a game of speed, observation, and quick reflexes! Using 57 different cards adorned with iconic Absolute Dogs images, each with a single, unique image in common, your goal is to be the first to find the matching image. But be careful, Gamechanger! It may be a different size or in a different location on each card!