There's a Game for That! Recipe Book

There's a Game for That! Recipe Book

Have you explored games-based dog training with your dog? Grab the book that will

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There's a Game for That! Recipe Book
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How it works

Read each chapter and dive into expert dog training solutions and fundamentals.
Immediately implement what you learn and start taking action.
Get excited as your dog-owning dream becomes your reality!
How it works


How will you benefit from reading this book?

  • Discover a clear, easy to understand introduction to games-based concept training - understand how your dog learns, how and why we train concepts, not behaviours, and how this revolutionary approach is the route to real-life results.
  • Learn how to work with the dog in front of you and adapt your training to their unique personality and skillset.
  • Wirobound so you can open it where needed and lay flat.

What you get

  • Physical Book

    Physical Book

    Perfect For Reading At Home Or On The Go!
  • Expert Dog Training Solutions

    Expert Dog Training Solutions

    Games & Solutions Designed For Max Success
  • Proven Results

    Proven Results

    Games-Based Training That Has Unlocked Real-Life Results for Thousands of Dog Owners
  • Self-Paced Learning

    Self-Paced Learning

    Dip In And Out At Your Leisure

There's a Game for That! Recipe Book Frequently Asked Questions

This book is for anyone that owns a dog that wants a fun, effective training approach.
Training should never be a long time, just a fun time. If you feel like you're getting frustrated or uncertain about what you're achieving in your training session, pause! Training sessions should be 2-3 minutes long, followed by a break, and intermittent throughout the day - whatever your lifestyle allows.
We highly encourage taking one of our standalone courses or combining reading this book with our Games Club subscription for the best level of support and to achieve optimal results.
No prior training is required and it's also okay if you have several layers of training under your belt. Skilling up your knowledge is never a bad thing!
Here are our top tips for getting the best out of the learning in There's A Game For That! Keep yourself accountable: track your progress, assess and be flexible with your training plan (check out the 3 Week Tracker on page 33 to get started). Keep it simple: Focus on 3 concepts for 3 weeks, and choose games that build those concepts - then reassess. Get playing games and have fun!
You likely will need further support and yet this book is a solid foundation. We're here and you can reach us anytime for bespoke and tailored advice at
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