The Naughty But Nice Revolution Book

The Naughty But Nice Revolution Book

Essential for any owner of a hyperactive, reactive, or anxious dog that needs practical

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The Naughty But Nice Revolution Book
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How it works

Read each chapter and dive into expert dog training solutions.
Immediately implement what you learn with your dog to cement the learning.
Get excited as your dog's behaviour transformation begins!
How it works


How will you benefit from this book?

  • Learn why your dog behaves the way they do and become an expert at understanding what they are communicating.
  • Understand the theory for transforming behaviour struggles into strengths and gain the knowledge to apply that learning practically.
  • Discover the dog-owner relationship you always dreamed of.

What you get

  • Physical Book

    Physical Book

    Read and Learn Anywhere & Dip In And Out At Your Leisure
  • Reactive Dog Tailored Solutions

    Reactive Dog Tailored Solutions

    Join 1000’s of Others Who Are Living Their Dog Owning Dream
  • Practical and Uplifting Strategies To Support You

    Practical and Uplifting Strategies To Support You

    Fun 3-Minute Dog Training Games to Transform Your Naughty But Nice Struggles Into Strengths
  • Achievable, Expert Advice

    Achievable, Expert Advice

    Strategies & Solutions Designed For Max Success

The Naughty But Nice Revolution Book Frequently Asked Questions

This book is for anyone that owns a dog of any kind of naughty variety, big or small, endearing or frustrating.
Training should never be a long time, just a fun time. If you feel like you're getting frustrated or uncertain about what you're achieving in your training session, pause! Training sessions should be 2-3 minutes long, followed by a break, and intermittent throughout the day - whatever your lifestyle allows.
This book addresses every Naughty But Nice struggle you might be facing with your dog, from barking and lunging at other dogs on walks, chasing wildlife, cars and cyclists and guarding food and toys, to humping, chewing and crying when you leave the house.
We highly encourage taking one of our standalone courses or combining reading this book with our Games Club subscription for the best level of support and to achieve optimal results.
No prior training is required and it's also okay if you have several layers of training under your belt. Skilling up your knowledge is never a bad thing!
You likely will need further support, but the book is a solid foundation. We're here and you can reach us anytime for bespoke and tailored advice at
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