Super Trainer Live 2024

Super Trainer Live 2024

Super Trainer Live is an immersive three-day dog training event for both dog owners

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Super Trainer Live 2024
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How it works

Select from Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum ticket options.
Join Absolute Dogs, special guest speakers and 100s of Gamechangers from all around the world from the comfort of your living room.
Immerse yourself in an epic virtual event jam packed with dog training inspiration.
How it works


How will you benefit from joining us at Super Trainer Live 2024?

  • Enjoy 3 jam packed days of dog training immersion for every dog owner, with an additional 2 PDT days if you’re an active Pro Dog Trainer member.
  • Experience an event where your passion for being around dogs will be fuelled, and leave excited with what the future has in store for you and your future with your dog!
  • Get ready for lightbulb moments, wow moments, inspiring moments, and insights into how you can supercharge your dog’s transformation into the best dog they can possibly be.

What you get

  • 3 Jam Packed Days of Learning

    3 Jam Packed Days of Learning

    Perfect For Dog Owners & Dog Training Professionals
  • Epic Digital Resources

    Epic Digital Resources

    Exclusive Resources To Support Your Learning
  • Expert Dog Training Solutions

    Expert Dog Training Solutions

    Strategies & Solutions To Wow & Inspire
  • Motivation & Optimism

    Motivation & Optimism

    Experience the Energy & Passion Of A Live Event

Super Trainer Live 2024 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a dog or intend to have one in the future? Well, then, you are MORE than qualified! This exhilarating live event is crafted to propel dog trainers and dog owners of all levels towards unprecedented success. STL blends cutting-edge games-based strategies with the thrill of real-time learning. Whether you're aiming to polish your professional skills or simply elevate your game at home, this is your chance to join a community passionate about transformative training. Your ultimate training transformation awaits in this 10th anniversary edition of our epic Super Trainer Live event!
Friday 8th November – Sunday 10th November 2024. PDT Days (11th and 12th of November 2024) are included at no additional cost to Pro Dog Trainer ticket holders who have an active membership. Automatic access is provided (subject to change) with no requirement of additional registration.
BRONZE ticket: Access to Super Trainer Live 2024, access to PDT Days if you’re a Pro Dog Trainer who is active with us, epic digital resources and opportunities as part of the experience.
SILVER ticket: Everything the Bronze ticket offers PLUS a premium collection of STL 2024 digital goodies and a voucher to use at STL 2024.
GOLD ticket: Everything the Silver ticket offers PLUS as an amazing after-show pass and a FREE Bronze ticket that you can gift.
PLATINUM VIP ticket: Everything the Gold ticket offers PLUS an epic pre-show pass and an additional FREE Bronze ticket that you can gift (2 gift tickets in total). Note: Any Bronze ticket included in another ticket purchase falls under the same Terms and Conditions.
You can get a refund on your ticket up to 90 days before the first day of the event, after which, we’re afraid it won’t be possible. Your ticket is non-transferable, and can’t be exchanged for something different.
Please contact our super Ask team by heading to
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