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Everyone who owns a dog really needs to know the power of scent in dog training! It’s SCENTSATIONAL! Really it is!

A vital part of your dog ownership experience is understanding and engaging your dog’s nose and their superpower - their sense of smell.

Our dogs truly “see” the world through their noses and scent. Allowing them to interact with their environment through their noses taps into an often-overlooked yet vital and powerful processing tool.

Our day to day activities with our dogs typically doesn’t give enough freedom or allow for them to exploit the full abilities of their super incredible noses!

These innovative games are a dynamic and novel collection of games that encourage sniffing enrichment by letting your dogs’ noses appropriately and enthusiastically lead the way.
So what do you actually get?

In this lifetime access online collection of games you get to watch and relive a live workshop where you will learn why these games are important, how to play the games at every level with regular students who are learning with their canine friends!

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