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Product Information

Do you want an Obedience Rock Star? Maybe you’re looking to get started in the wonderful world of Obedience or maybe you are already dabbling in Obedience and you are look for some new ideas and ways of doing things? Or maybe you are looking for some training inspiration for your companion dog? This standalone mini digital course focuses on bringing the DESIRE and JOY to Obedience where the only rules are to have FUN FUN FUN!

Obedience Boost is a great way to hone you and your dog’s skills. You’ll learn how to build great movement and a dog that wants to work around you. We’ll show you how to get a super Retrieve, grow working at a distance with Send Aways and bring your dog back with a super snappy Recall…..and so much more!

Obedience can be physically demanding for dogs, so included in this mini digital standalone course we give you some cool fitness games and top tips to keep your dog in top notch shape!

With Obedience Boost you can set the pace of learning for you and your dog to suit you and you have life time access! 

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