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Do you thrive off learning when watching others train their dogs?
Are you looking for new games and ideas to try at home with you own dog?
We have something super special to share with you and that’s our GAMECHANGER LIVE Weekend. This is a recorded event where Lauren and Tom work with students and you get to be part of the action, fly on the wall style!
There’s over 9 hours of footage packed into GAMECHANGER LIVE Wow! That’s a bumper load of learning that’s yours for the taking! 
You will learn a whole host of new games and new ways of doing things and the golden nugget to this recorded event is that you get to watch Lauren and Tom train real-time so you get to learn their invaluable additional pieces of learning that they offer to the students. 
On top of all of this, you also get the GAMECHANGER Resource Book which re-caps all of the games covered in the event! Winner, winner chicken dinner!

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