Double Clip Leads

Double Clip Leads

Bright, fun and brilliantly practical, our double clip biothane leads allow you to walk your
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Double Clip Leads
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How it works

Secure one end of the lead to your dog's walking harness or collar.
Use the second clip to create a second point of connection (harness and collar, front and back clips of harness, harness and head collar).
Enjoy walking in a more balanced way as the two points of connection allow you to gently steer your dog and walk as a team.
How it works


How will you benefit from having this product?

  • Two points of contact allows you to walk in a more balanced, connected way with your dog.
  • Versatile and adaptable for different uses.
  • Easy to clean and fun to use.
  • Printed with uplifting Gamechanger phrases.
  • This lead will help you focus on great training outcomes rather than worrying about whether you'll lose control of your dog.

Double Clip Leads Frequently Asked Questions

Walking your dog with two points of contact has so many benefits. As well as allowing you the added confidence of a second clip secured to your dog's walking gear, you'll find you and your dog are more connected. Pair with our training games for great loose leash walking success.
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