Biothane Long Lines

Biothane Long Lines

Unleash freedom and control with our Biothane Long Lines! Perfect for training and play,
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Biothane Long Lines
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How it works

Secure the line to the back clip of your dog's harness. (For safety reasons we don't recommend ever attaching a long line to your dog's collar).
Choose a suitable environment for your training session, being mindful of other dogs, people and anything in the environment the line might snag or get wrapped up in.
Use your long line to work on your dog's recall skills or to give them a little more freedom before they are ready for the full responsibility of going off lead. Long lines are also perfect for tracking work and other sports.
How it works


How will you benefit from having a biothane long line?

  • Enjoy greater control during training sessions without restricting your dog's freedom.
  • Durable and waterproof material stands up to any adventure. Easy to clean, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.
  • Perfect for improving recall and other training in open spaces.

Biothane Long Lines Frequently Asked Questions

Long lines are a true game changer when it comes to walking your dog and wanting to give them that little bit more freedom. Using a long line allows your dog to move about at a greater distance from you, but the line keeps you connected to your dog, keeps them safe and allows you to step in and prevent rehearsal of any unwanted or inappropriate behaviours as your dog works through the early stages of off-leash freedom. Long lines are also used for dogs who might be working in scent work, tracking or mantrailing, allowing the handler to keep a connection with their dog without interfering as they work. Long lines are perfect for working on your dog's recall training, and for allowing a little more responsibility without giving your dog full off-leash freedom before they are ready. Pair with our recall training courses for optimum results!
Long lines are best attached to a harness, simply because if you've dropped the line for any reason and need to stand on it to stop your dog from rushing off or getting too far ahead of you, the harness will prevent any unwanted jerking of your dog’s neck or any whiplash that you might get if the line were attached to a flat collar.
Our long lines are designed to trail on the ground. For your dog's safety, there is no handle that could get caught on branches or other obstacles in the environment.
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