Absolute Dogs Clickers

Absolute Dogs Clickers

A clicker is a great tool for communicating when your dog does something correctly!
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Absolute Dogs Clickers
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How it works

Start somewhere quiet without distractions. Pair your clicker with a reward (some of your dog's dinner) so they learn to associate the clicker with a positive outcome.
Once your dog is anticipating the food when they hear the click, start introducing the clicker to mark great choices. Ask your dog to do something simple that they already know, such as ‘sit’. As soon as they do, click and reward. Practice regularly in short fun sessions to refine timing and familiarise your dog with the clicker.
Once your dog understands what the click means you can start using the clicker as a great communication tool to teach and refine new behaviours.
How it works


How will you benefit from having this product?

  • Communicate clearly and precisely when training your dog using a tried-and-true click and reward system.
  • Clarity in communicating using a clicker can reduce frustration and enhance training outcomes in training sessions.
  • 100% reward based and positive reinforcement based tool for optimal training results.

Absolute Dogs Clickers Frequently Asked Questions

Clicker training uses a clear and consistent signal to immediately mark a desired behaviour, followed by a motivating reward. It can help to imagine it like taking a photo of the behaviour that you want. Timing is important, so it can help to practice without your dog first!
Absolutely! Clicker training works with all breeds, ages and types of dog. The key is being consistent about how you use the clicker and making sure you always pair the click with a reward.
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