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21 Days To Stress Free Walks21 Days To Stress Free Walks
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Product Information

Do you have a dog that….

  • Barks and lunges
  • Chases anything that moves
  • Finds it difficult to focus on you outside
  • Finds it a challenge to come away from other dogs
  • Likes the idea of inviting themselves to a family’s picnic in the park while you are out on a walk….

…we could go on!

What's happening right now is that your dog is reacting to the environment. By jumping into the 21 Days to Stress Free Walks Course, you will be given the tools to switch up what your dog reacts to....You RATHER THAN the environment! This is going to TRANSFORM the relationship you have with your dog! 

You will receive a game a day for 21 days to play with your dog that focusses on ENGAGING WITH YOU and DISENGAGING FROM THE ENVIRONMENT. 

We have broken things down for you with a step-by-step style course to give you actionable steps to keep you focussed on achieving the dog training results you desire. 

Included in the course there are theory elements to really solidify your learning and for each game you will receive a supporting games card and progress tracker, so you can be sure to keep your training journey heading in the direction you want - FORWARD!!

Let's make today your day one to STRESS FREE WALKS!

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