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Pro Dog Trainer Connect

Are you struggling with your dog’s behaviour? Not quite sure how to tackle your training struggles and see results? Tap into some expert knowledge with a personalised coaching call with one of our Pro Dog Trainers. We’ll set you up with an actionable training plan that will ensure you see results.



  • Connect with one of our Pro Dog Trainers for a virtual 1-2-1 lesson
  • Get tailored coaching for your specific struggles

Are you singing the dog training blues? Do you feel lost, frustrated, and like there’s no hope? Do you feel so overwhelmed with the plethora of dog training information on the interwebs that you’re bewildered of where to even start?

Our Pro Trainer Connect coaching call is your golden ticket to brilliance and beyond! 

Imagine a coaching experience that’s not just a call but a journey—a lively exploration of your unique path to greatness. We’re not just unlocking your dog’s potential; we’re throwing a spotlight on their brilliance and empowering you to help them shine!

Here at Absolute Dogs, we believe no dog or relationship is ever lost. And we can’t wait to help you discover the magic of games-based training for yourself!

 **What’s in Store for You:**

**Tailor-made lesson with one of our Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainers.** These Pro’s are the top-tier of games-based specialists. With a deep understanding of dog behavior, super savvy experience in dog training, and extraordinary knowledge of our Games Club library, your Pro Trainer Connect PDT will guide you to the best lessons and concepts to help your dog transform into the super dog you’ve always dreamed of!

 **High-Octane Energy:** Get ready for an infusion of positivity and enthusiasm! Our coaching call is a dynamic exchange where your goals become our mission. 

 **Tailored Strategies:** No one-size-fits-all here! We’ll craft a personalised strategy that aligns with your vision, making every step feel like a victory lap.

 **Inspiration Overload:** Brace yourself for a burst of inspiration! We’ll turn your challenges into opportunities and sprinkle a bit of magic on your journey.

 **Open Conversations:** This isn’t just a call; it’s a safe space for open, candid discussions. No judgment, just empowerment.

 **Follow-Up Fun:** After our call, we’re not saying goodbye; we’re saying, “Let’s keep the positive vibes rolling!” The journey is not over, it’s just begun! With over 350 videos and lessons in our Games Club hub, the sky’s the limit! There’s no stopping you once you have your action plan in place!

 **How to Join the Party:**

 1.  **Pick Your Moment:** Choose a time that suits your schedule, and we’ll sync up for a coaching experience like no other.

2.  **Prep for Progress:** Once you choose your booking time, you will receive a Behaviour Questionnaire to zero in on those dog training struggles so we can bring your goals, dreams, and excitement to the forefront. Say good-bye to frustration nation, we are on the path to real-life results, together! 

3.  **Get Ready to Soar:** Together, we’ll turn your aspirations into achievements, real life results are just around the bend!

Are you ready to dial up your success and sprinkle some stardust on your goals? Secure your spot for a coaching call that’s not just a call—it’s a celebration of your dog’s potential and the action steps you need to take to help your dog through any behaviour struggle! There is always hope!

Let’s make magic happen!