"I can now see the world through my boy's eyes!"
Beth A

The Modern Day Border Collie

This seminar is a recording of the FIRST EVER breed-specific deep-dive LIVE event we have done!



Do you OWN or work with Border Collies, Collie crosses or other herding breeds? Do you DREAM of owning or working with these AMAZING breeds and want to get it right from the start?

Do you want to know why your dog struggles with cars, joggers, bikes, dogs, people, novelty, noise and so much more?

Have you experienced the stress of NORMAL Border Collie type behaviours such as chasing, eye-stalking and herding being triggered at inappropriate times?!

Or maybe you are experiencing similar behaviour struggles with your own breed of dog (who isn’t a herding breed!) and you want to immerse yourself in specialist learning to transform the relation that you have with your dog.

Would you like to UNDERSTAND these behaviours better and learn how to turn these dogs’ struggles into strengths?

If so Border Collie Live is the learning event for YOU!! This seminar is a recording of the FIRST EVER breed-specific deep-dive LIVE event we have done!

This FUN seminar with Lauren Langman (World Class trainer, competitor and Border Collie expert) and Tom Mitchell (Vet and Behaviourist) will guide you through the wonderful world of the Border Collie.

The Border Collie badge is YOUR opportunity to re-live this fantastic live event as though you were there, and have ALL the information at your fingertips. Experience the FUN and excitement of the day, re-visit the material whenever you need inspiration and geek out at any time….this digital course is yours for LIFE.

Crammed full of practical games demos, troubleshooting, Q&A sessions, theory, whiteboard analysis and real life solutions, this seminar gives you those TOP tips, those VITAL bits of information and ALL the nitty gritty you need to really TRANSFORM your relationship so that your dog is a dream to own!

If you want a true geek out on all things Border Collie and herding breeds (and dogs generally!), and CLEAR answers to ALL your questions, this digital course is for YOU!