Happy Trails: Top Tips for Wonderful Walks with Your Dog
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Happy Trails: Top Tips for Wonderful Walks with Your Dog


Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!

In this epically exciting episode, we're joined by superstar Pro Dog Trainer Samaya as we embark on a journey through the wonderful world of stress-free dog walks. Lauren and Samaya share invaluable insights, pro tips, and all the super skills you need to help you transform walks with your dog into enjoyable, stress-free adventures.

Discover the art of creating a balanced and engaging walk experience for your furry friend. From assessing the perfect walk location to managing off-leash encounters, our very own Lauren Langman and Samaya dive into the nitty-gritty details that will elevate your dog walking game.

Learn about the importance of assessing your dog's skills for off-leash adventures, and gain expert strategies for handling unexpected encounters with other dogs. Lauren and Samaya share their go-to techniques, from redirecting attention to creating safe spaces, and so much more, ensuring both you and your dog feel confident and in control during your outdoor escapades.

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