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"The whistle recall badge has made such a difference!"
Linda W

Whistle Recall

This course is the one that will change your dog’s off leash freedom for the better.




In this amazing, MUST-HAVE Whistle Recall course, we dive into the emergency whistle recall, the recall you use when all else has failed, when the situation is dire, and you NEED your dog to come back right NOW!

Can you imagine it now?

Your dog is off in the distance, racing after another dog that has appeared out of nowhere. You’ve called, desperately! Maybe the wind is not carrying your voice in the right direction? Yes, that’s it, but then you take out your trusty whistle, the one you’ve gotten JUST for this reason, for this emergency, and you give it three quick blows! Pip! Pip! Pip!

You’ve barely managed the third before your dog is sliding to a stop to turn around, joy and enthusiasm evident as they race back to you, running at top speed because they KNOW that AMAZING wonderful things come from hearing that PIP! PIP! PIP!

In this course discover:

  • The joy of the whistle recall!
  • How to grow it from the ground up
  • Troubleshooting various breeds because they all offer us different challenges!
  • From the initial conditioning process to proofing it and growing it’s reliability anywhere and everywhere!

This is the course you need in your back pocket… the one that will change your dog’s off leash freedom for the better. Not only does it top up their every-day recall, the whistle recall will add so, so much incredible value to their existing recall! You’ll be amazed at the real-life results and the long-lasting effects of teaching what you’ll learn inside this jampacked mini course. Don’t waste another second! Get on it and let us see the results!