The Naughty But Nice Revolution Book

Essential for any owner of a hyperactive, reactive, or anxious doggy that needs practical help to turn struggles into strengths through games.


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Got A Barking, Lunging, Distracted, or Overexcited Dog? There’s a Naughty but Nice Game For That!

Transform Your Dog’s Struggles Into Strengths With a Series of Fun 3-Minute Training Games – It’s Like Nothing You’ve Experienced Before!

Is your four-legged friend a Naughty But Nice dog? Raise your hand if any of this rings true..

  • Your dog barking and lunging at the end of a lead when there’s a dog in the distance.
  • Your dog runs off instantly the second they catch a scent and won’t recall.
  • Your dog chases squirrels, cyclists or joggers – anything that moves!
  • Your dog obsessively guards their toys or food.
  • Your dog cries when you leave the house.
  • Your dog tries to hump you every time you sit down.
  • Your dog is a little too excited by everything.

You love them to bits, but they’re driving you mad!

You’ve tried everything to get your dog’s behaviour under control, without success, and the constant struggle has left you exhausted!

Now you’re so embarrassed by their naughty behaviour that you avoid certain walks or times of the day. Stressed at what might happen next, you live in guilt that you haven’t done enough, or that you’ve done the wrong thing for your dog.

Right now, you are wondering, “will I ever have the relationship with my Naughty But Nice dog that I dream of?”

The answer is YES! It is possible – all you need is a little help, and we’re going to give it to you.

We’ve set out a game plan in the Naughty But Nice Revolution book!!

It’s essential reading for any owner of a hyperactive, reactive, or anxious doggy that needs practical help to turn struggles into strengths through games.

We’ve put together our most excellent collection of fun 3-minute dog training games to help turn your Naughty But Nice struggles into strengths.

You’ll learn:

  • Why your dog behaves the way, he/she does.
  • How to become an expert at understanding what your dog is telling you.
  • Your powerful why – the reason you got your dog in the first place and what it means for you to live that reality.
  • The theory for transforming struggles into strengths, plus advice on its practical application. 
  • A toolkit to make the impossible, possible in a fun and rewarding way!

When we train our dogs using inspiration (not intimidation), the breakthrough moments you long for become a daily reality, and the struggle disappears!

Instantly, all your hard work pays off, and you start having the dog-owner relationship you always dreamed of.

Join 1000’s of others who have all transformed their Naughty But Nice Dogs through games training and are living the dream!

A fun, rewarding, and enjoyable life with your dog is just a game away!