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Scent-sational Fundamentals (Release Date Summer 2024)

Get ready to unlock the secrets of scent, harness your dog’s love of sniffing and unleash their natural instincts through enriching and innovative canine scent work training!



Does your dog think they are a scent sleuth or a sniffing sensation? Are you looking for fun, innovative, and exciting ways to help your dog harness their natural-born olfactory instincts as you immerse yourself in the sensational world of canine scent work?

Welcome to a world where learning meets play, and every sniff is a step towards success! Get ready for an adventure like no other!


In Scent-sational Fun-damentals, you’ll dive headfirst into a series of engaging activities and challenges, all centered around the magic of scent. The course has been designed from the get-go as an advanced, yet entirely achievable bespoke training experience for dogs and owners who want to dive deep into the realm of scent work.

With a perfect blend of detailed instruction and achievable goals, this course ensures that every participant leaves with a smile on their face and a wag in their tail. Whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or just starting your training journey with your dog, this course is tailor-made to bring out the best in every dog, at every stage!

Scent-sational Fun-damentals is loaded with:

🐾 Action-packed and highly detailed foundation scent work lessons

🐾 Never before seen activities like our brand-new Scent Wall

🐾 Exciting and enriching games and strategies for next-level scent work

🐾 Fresh and innovative scent training techniques, from expert-level instructors with over 20 years of experience

Get ready to sniff, search, and succeed with Scent-sational Fun-damentals – because when it comes to dog training, the learning never stops and the fun never ends!


So, what sets Scent-sational Fun-damentals apart from the pack? It’s simple: innovation meets enjoyment. Our signature Scent Wall, an epic highlight of the course, transforms learning into a thrilling game for dogs and owners alike. But that’s just the beginning. 

With an elite team of top-end instructors, Scent-sational Fun-damentals is your go-to for all your scent training needs. It’s all about injecting real fun and passion into your training, while having an absolute blast with your dog as you both learn some truly sensational skills in canine scent work!

Suitable for All Levels

The learning provided within this course is suitable for dogs of all ages and levels of experience, from playful puppies to seasoned seniors and all ages in between. It’s also perfect for pet parents and owners of any skill level, so whether you’re an experienced dog owner or are enjoying life with your very first dog, there will be something here for you and your dog!

Flexible Learning that Suits You

This is a self-paced, 100% online course, available for you to access anywhere, at any time, allowing you to train and learn when it suits you. That means you get to go at your own pace, and fit your dog’s training within your lifestyle — without the need for extensive preparation or training equipment.

Positive, Reward-Based Training

At absoluteDogs, we believe in positive, reward-based training methods that make learning fun for both you and your dog. In this course, you will improve your dog’s behaviour using our proven games-based training solutions, ensuring you get lasting real-life results success!


Q: How does course access work, and how is the learning provided? 

A: Scent-sational Fun-damentals is an online course, with video-based learning for all games and strategies, supplemented with downloadable resources, including training trackers, progress trackers, a training calendar and more. 

Q: Is there a satisfaction guarantee or refund policy? 

A: Refunds can be requested within 14 days of purchase. Any refund requests must be emailed directly to Confirmation of receipt of email will be delivered immediately. If there is a delay, use the contact page to send the query. No exceptions will be made post-14 days.