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Resilient Recall Collection: Master the Environment

Discover the training games and strategies that will keep your dog focusing on you and will guarantee a really reliable recall - in spite of sniffs, critters and other distractions!



Discover the training games and strategies that will keep your dog focusing on you and will guarantee a really reliable recall – in spite of sniffs, critters and other distractions!

What’s included in this super collection?

Total Recall digital course
Do you have a dog that refuses to come when called, chases distractions and ignores you when out and about, or won’t come back at the end of an off-leash walk?

Get ready to transform your dog’s recall with powerful 1-minute training games. Total Recall makes recall training fun, quick, and totally effective for you and your dog.

Whistle Recall digital course
In this amazing, MUST-HAVE Whistle Recall course, we dive into the emergency whistle recall, the recall you use when all else has failed, when the situation is dire, and you NEED your dog to come back right NOW!

Pip! Pip! Pip! It’s time to solidify your recall! Loud, clear, and succinct! Perfect to grab your dog’s attention for that impeccable return to you, no matter the distraction! Available in four colours (colour will be selected randomly).

30 Day Recall Rescue digital course
In 30 days, with a game unlocked daily, it’s time to rehabilitate (or build) the reliable recall of your dreams and turn it into an amazing and EPIC reality of off-leash freedom. If your dog has a history of taking off, bolting out the door or disregarding their name when distractions are around, this is the course for you. Rebuild your recall from the ground up with tried-and-true games that are fun, easy and effective.

Biothane Long Line
A long line helps you to bridge the gap between your dog being on leash to being able to enjoy some off leash freedom. Our long lines are made from biothane and come in five different snazzy, cool colours. They are 5 metres long and come in two different width sizes; 15mm and 20mm. (colour and width will be selected randomly).

Double Clip Biothane Lead
Bright, fun and brilliantly practical, our double clip leads allow you to walk your dog with two points of connection (harness and collar, front and back clips of harness, harness and head collar). Available in four colours, printed with a range of uplifting Gamechanger phrases (colour will be selected randomly).

Puppy Line
Getting it right from the start when it comes to your puppy will make for an easier road ahead as they grow and develop into an adult dog. By popping this lightweight 2 metre puppy line onto your puppy’s harness you can have fun playing games that grow value in being close to you (this is the secret to your recall by the way!) and also manage what choices your puppy makes. Having a puppy line as part of your training toolkit is one sure fire way to set your puppy up for success!

As you and your dog embark on your recall training journey, it’s going to be important to consistently communicate the precise moment your dog gets something right. Clickers are great for precision marking and make a super addition to your training toolkit.

Treat Bag
Grab your treat bag and let’s go!! Absolute Dogs fun and funky rewards training treat bags are your answer to no more coat or trouser pockets filled with treats! Available in three colours, complete with a belt (colour will be selected randomly).

2 PDT Connect 1-2-1 Calls
Are you singing the dog training blues? Do you feel lost, frustrated, and like there’s no hope? Tap into some expert knowledge and arm yourself with a training plan that will guarantee success.

After 2 personalised coaching calls with an Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer you’ll be empowered to craft tailored strategies and laser-focused action so you have an actionable plan to conquer your recall struggles once and for all!