"Very impressed with our progress in a short space of time!"
Anne R

Agility Foundations

This course offers layers upon layers of agility foundations games and top tips and strategies.




Who is this course for?

Dog owners that want to:

  • grow their dog’s confidence with fun games
  • have fun with their dog with minimal or easy-to-access equipment
  • get started in agility with their dog with the right foundations
  • have fun, most importantly, and enjoy a great way to enrich their dog’s day.
  • find something active to do with their dog (no matter their dog’s age!)

This BRAND NEW course, filled with layers upon layers of agility foundations games and top tips and strategies, is just what you need to get started in agility. Whether you’re a novice person to agility, a dog owner or savvy training dipping your toes in agility for the first time, this course is for you. What if you have experience already? What if you have competed?

Don’t worry, this course is for you too and offers insights that are bound to add a ton of value to your existing foundation. 

This amazing course dives into:

  • The ultimate foundation agility games for your dog
  • What you need to prioritise to get the most out of your dog for agility fun
  • The exact games that lead our very own Lauren Langman to become a Crufts champion! 
  • Balancing value in proximity and closeness to you, as well as independence and working away from you with incredible, fun, effective 3-minute games

PLUS by jumping into this fabulous fitness learning journey, not only do you get lifetime access to work through the everything at your own pace, you also get:

  • A bonus Retrieve eBook & other printable resources.
  • AND bonus fly-on-the-wall learning where you can watch other owners and their dogs work through the exercises and games live and receive real-life feedback from instructors Tom and Lauren!

Agility is something almost any dog and person can enjoy.

Are you ready to dive into agility foundations that will take your training and the fun you have with your dog to a whole new level? Jump in today!