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"Absolutely brilliant - love love this course!"
Liz W

absolute Terrier

This course is your ticket to a whistle-stop, all expenses paid deep-dive tour on all things Terrier.





This course is your ticket to a whistle-stop, all expenses paid deep-dive tour on all things Terrier. This BRAND NEW course is jam-packed with awesome games, fun tips, top tricks and super troubleshooting hacks to arm you with ALL you need to know to transform your dog into their most confident, optimistic and resilient self and at the same time boost your relationship with them and turn all those struggles into your dog’s biggest strengths – all while setting them up for a lifetime of fun and success!

The absolute BEST part is, this one isn’t just for the terriers out there! It’s all about growing confidence and optimism, building huge value in engaging with you and sticking close by, all while creating crazy desire (for the right things!) and developing super disengagement skills! So you don’t have to have a terrier to get in on all the amazing fun and immense learning within this course – it’s all so flexible and adaptable that you can apply it to any dog, no matter their age or breed! 

PLUS by jumping into this amazing learning journey, not only do you get lifetime access to work through the everything at your own pace, you also get:

  • A bonus (and IMMENSE!) deep-dive workbook with pages upon pages of learning that delves even further into terriers and the terrier breed group, their origins and history, their strengths and struggles AND supports YOU with awesome game trackers and training prompts to take your learning and training to the next level!
  • A bonus Q&A session full of training tips that can help you get on the right path to overcoming any terrier training struggle.
  • AND bonus fly-on-the-wall learning included with every lesson, where you can watch other owners and their terriers work through the games live and receive real-life feedback from instructors Tom and Lauren!

Terriers were originally bred to help rid places of vermin. Terriers are known for their crazy desire and for being quite reckless in the pursuit of their target – they are incredibly intelligent and super dedicated to their job – their engagement skills are STRONG! 

While terriers are also brave, fun, loyal and have a super gritty side, they can also be extremely pessimistic, very sensitive to pressure and rather tricky to motivate – especially when you have a dog with little to no food drive. But when all is said and done, we love the terriers and we wouldn’t have them any other way!

From Airedale to Bedlington, Jack Russell and Fox, from Lakeland to Manchester, Staffy and Scottie – and everything in between – there is so much to love about all the terrier breeds!

Do you know a terrier who pulls on lead or has poor recall? Maybe you’ve got a dog who is super sensitive to pressure and struggles with day-to-day life?

Maybe you’ve heard that terriers struggle with disengagement and think everything is their business or love to chase everything that moves? What about those terriers who make it their life’s mission to hunt critters and small creatures in the garden or on walks? 

No matter what your dog’s struggle is, there’s a game for that and it’s all ready and waiting for you right inside this course – right at your fingertips! So what are you waiting for? It’s absoluteTerrier time!