You Deserve Joy - Embracing Adversity ft. Justin Prust

You Deserve Joy - Embracing Adversity ft. Justin Prust


We face adversity daily. In this episode, we talk about how you can embrace the change that exists in your day to day to life and how you can embrace it, rather than run away from it or find yourself unable to escape its weight. 

Join us with Justin Prust as we discuss how change can facilitate good things in our lives and how we can learn from our dogs in their approach to life. We talk about how adversity goes so much wider than the lives we live with our dogs and can be applied to the bigger picture too.

We cover top tips on how you can meet adversity head-on, including growing a good bank, changing your language, as well as putting in place so many different strategies for the times that you face adversity that will encourage you to change and pivot in your perspective. 

This is one episode you do not want to miss because the strategies can help you to transform how adversity impacts you, and even those around you.

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