Unleash the Best in Your Dog: 5 Naughty But Nice Training Tips
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Unleash the Best in Your Dog: 5 Naughty But Nice Training Tips


Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!

In this insightful episode, we’re joined by none other than superstar Pro Dog Trainer, Bake-Off Queen and STAS podcast regular, Michelle, who's about to unleash her top five game-changing hacks for connecting with your beloved, sometimes mischievous, canine companions. 🎮🐕

In this episode, Michelle shares her passion for helping naughty but nice dogs and reveals how you can transform your training techniques into creative and positive experiences for both you and your canine companion. 🐶💡

Have you ever wondered what exactly defines a "naughty but nice" dog? Michelle breaks it down for us, shedding light on the sometimes challenging behaviours that can hide the incredible potential and unique charm in our dogs. 🐾🐕

Discover Michelle's personal journey into the world of dog training and what drives her to specialize in helping dogs with naughty but nice qualities. Her story is not only relatable but also inspiring. 🌟

Michelle will be bringing us her TOP 5 strategies for NBN dogs, from Ditching the Bowl, Ditching the Walk and Ditching the Routine, to teaching scentwork and celebrating success, so whether your dog is a bundle of energy or has some naughty but nice qualities, Michelle's expert advice will help you connect, train, and celebrate the unique bond you share. 🐾🌟

Remember, you're the best owner for your dog, and with these game-changing tips, you're on your way to a happier, more harmonious life with your dog. 🥳🐕

Tune in now, and let the adventure begin!