Training Border Collies: Lifelong Learning from the Pros
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Training Border Collies: Lifelong Learning from the Pros


Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!

In this episode we dive into the fascinating world of Border Collies with Obedience Champion and all-round brilliant Pro Dog Trainer Linda! 

Listen in as Linda shares her expert insights and innovative training techniques that transform these intelligent, high-energy dogs into confident, well-adjusted companions. Learn about the importance of optimism games and discover how Linda uses everyday items like stepladders, bubble wrap, and cushions to build a dog's confidence and balance.

Lauren and Linda also explore the importance of advocating for your dog’s comfort and the benefits of using positive reinforcement to help Border Collies navigate new environments and novel situations. Both Border Collie pros with a lifetime of experience between them, Lauren and Linda discuss the critical role of movement in training, the value of tricks to foster communication, and the unique challenges and rewards of working with this remarkable breed. 

From early reinforcement structures to the power of playful interaction, this episode is packed with practical advice and heartfelt anecdotes.

Tune in now for expert tips, creative training ideas, and a deeper understanding of your Border Collie’s needs and amazing potential!

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