Train TRICKS and have MORE FUN with YOUR DOG ft. Dan Tower Anderson

Train TRICKS and have MORE FUN with YOUR DOG ft. Dan Tower Anderson


Have you ever wanted to train your dog with tricks?

In this super episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel the totally awesome Pro Dog Trainer Dan Tower Anderson is joining Lauren once again, this time to chat about all things tricks!

From training snazzy tricks that look super cool like a Bow, a Spin or Jumping through Hoops, to training tricks that can be beyond useful in everyday life, such as Middle of the Move, Nose Push and Object Retrieve, not to mention CPR and so much more!

There are so many ways that training "tricks" can benefit and complement our everyday training with our dogs too. Tricks can boost our dog's confidence, build their focus and engagement with us and grow immense value in proximity (sticking close to us!). Tricks will help your loose-leash walking, your recall, your reactive dog or your nervous, pessimistic dog! Tricks have got it all for both you and your dog!

Tricks can also be an appropriate outlet for your dog's energy and can be a great way for kids and dogs to interact and work together while also not asking too much of the dog (like having them sit still for a long time around a high-energy child)!

No matter what tricks you are training with your dog, it's all about the fun and the journey you go on with your dog, engaging with your dog and adding so much value to your relationship together!

This episode is absolutely jam-packed with so many top tips, training hacks, and super solutions for all things tricks! It's the ultimate Tricks geek out!

You definitely don't want to miss it - and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!