Top Human Superfoods your Dog Will LOVE!

Top Human Superfoods your Dog Will LOVE!


Have you ever thought about your dog’s true health when it comes to food? Have you considered the foods you may be feeding them and how that food plays a part in a healthy, happy dog that is set up for a lifetime of wellness success and longevity?

Have you ever wanted to make natural, healthy, GOOD food for your dog?

What about switching up your dog's meals to make them more enriching, rewarding and enjoyable?

Have you heard about our super Ditch the Bowl concept, and you're interested in how that might work for you? You've come to the right place!

In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel Lauren is joined by a super special guest, the wonderful Michelle, who has featured many times on the podcast and is the rockstar head trainer and PDT for Devon Dogs at Bowerland - the home of absoluteDOGS - and she is also an absolute dog treat Bake Off Queen!

From perfect sized home baked Treat and Train training treats, lick mat tasting plates, 3-course meal Kongs, super tasty squeezy tube recipes, Kefir, Golden Paste, Bone Broth, Green Tea, dog SUSHI and so much more, we've got it ALL for you in this episode!

In this day and age, it’s time to take a really good look at what we are feeding our dogs every day and what we are putting into our companions, our friends, our teammates, and our furry family members to make sure they are as healthy as possible for as long as possible and the tips, strategies and super foods we chat on in this episode are going to help you get there!

This is such an important episode to listen in one, with SO many super solutions for your dog’s wellness and long-term health and it’s an absolute MUST for any health-conscious dog owners, so jump on in – and while you’re here, leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!