The Power of Rescue Dogs (with Caroline Johnson)

The Power of Rescue Dogs (with Caroline Johnson)


This week we discuss: The Power of Games for Rescue Dogs (featuring Caroline Johnson)

Caroline Johnson, the General Manager, of Oak Tree Animals Charity, talks on how special the animal and human relationship truly can be. Caroline talks on how they enrich the lives of the animals they work with and how they provide diversity and games into each day. 

Games have allowed them to enhance every day for the dogs, as well as to cater the experience to help the dog individually, depending on what they need most to prepare for finding their new home. 

Caroline talks on the many amazing solutions they seek when a dog comes to be rehomed, including offering training opportunities, fostering programs, and more. 

This is truly one jampacked episode and one that is a must listen! 

Do you have a rescue dog? Rescue dogs are able to reach their full potential. No matter their history, no matter their behaviour struggles, games can be a powerful tool.

Empower your dog with games!

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