Secrets to Dog Training Success with Selina Bray

Secrets to Dog Training Success with Selina Bray

Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!

In this exciting episode, jump right in with us as Lauren chats on all things agility, dogs and the keys to dog training success with agility champion, superstar judge, weaving wonder and mega dog trainer, Selena Bray!

From her early beginnings in dog training as an enthusiastic 6-year-old (alongside her dad, who happens to be none other than legendary agility champion Alan Bray!), we'll discover how Selena turned her pocket money passion into a lifelong dog training adventure that led her to become an inspiring world-class competitor, beloved judge and an absolutely amazing dog trainer.

Join Lauren and Selena as they embark on a nostalgic yet thrilling exploration of dog agility and bring us:
🐾 Practical advice on mastering your dog's agility training, from building confidence in weaves to innovative training games.
🐾 Insightful comparisons of the evolution of dog training and agility from the late '80s to today, showcasing the sport's incredible advancements.
🐾 Inspiring stories of the camaraderie that defines the agility community and the unique bond shared between handlers and their dogs.
🐾 A thought-provoking look into Selina’s approach to judging and how she blends her compassion and trainer's heart with expertise to help every competitor shine.

All that and so much more is packed into this exceptional episode! PLUS we also get a peek inside the life of an agility family, with heart-warming stories of her early days training with her dad. We'll find out who really got the dog training bug first, and how their shared love for agility has strengthened their bond, creating unforgettable memories and some hilarious moments along the way.

This episode is packed with inspiration, laughter, and valuable insights for anyone passionate about dogs, and is a must-listen for dog lovers everywhere!

Tune in now to celebrate the awesome adventure that is canine agility and the inspiring community spirit that comes from sharing an epic love of dogs and training!

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