Rocking Rehab and Canine Care with Rachel Richardson
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Rocking Rehab and Canine Care with Rachel Richardson


Are you interested in:

  • General veterinary work?
  • Canine rehabilitation? 
  • Sports and exotic animal medicine (including Stick Insects or Crocodiles?!)?
  • Acupuncture?
  • Hydrotherapy?
  • Injury diagnostics?
  • All the latest tech and methods in animal healing and therapy?

Rachel Richardson is a superstar vet, agility competitor, Team GB World Championships competitor and Team GB Vet who also works in animal sports medicine, acupuncture, hydrotherapy and canine rehabilitation - and is a wonderful part of Lauren's Rockstar vet team!

Rachel works with sports dogs, injured or lame dogs, older dogs and with dogs who struggle with pain to get them well and feeling good again and has helped Lauren rehab her own dogs, including her terrific Border Collie Tokyo!

If you've ever wanted to be a vet or you have a desire to be learn more about working with dogs in a medical or rehabilitation capacity, this spectacular episode is for you!

Listen in on this amazing podcast with our very own Lauren Langman and the wonderful Rachel Richardson as they chat all things canine care, conditioning and rehab!