Pushing Through Barriers ft. Pro Dog Trainer, Claire Bacon
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Pushing Through Barriers ft. Pro Dog Trainer, Claire Bacon


When you're a Pro Dog Trainer, armed with the absolute power of games-based training, there are so many opportunities for you in the world!

In this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel Podcast episode Lauren chats to the lovely Claire Bacon, a Pro Dog Trainer from the UK that runs a brilliant business filled to the brim with amazing services!

From beginning her games-based training journey in Training Academy with a new foster dog, to now running a business that offers residential training, day care and boarding, holistic puppy classes, life skills classes, agility training and even some modern sheep dog training (with games!), Claire is just one spectacular example of where life as a Pro Dog Trainer can take you!

Claire's story is one of inspiring positivity, of pushing through barriers and being brave, confident and optimistic - even when it doesn't come naturally! As a Pro Dog Trainer, Claire has seen the pure positivity, joy and fun being a Gamechanger can bring to life and the ripple effect that has on the lives of those around her!

With games-based training and Pro Dog Trainer, anything is possible and it puts the world at your fingertips! Don't miss out on this amazing episode - dive in today!