Managing Multi-Dog Households: Expert Tips and Training Strategies
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Managing Multi-Dog Households: Expert Tips and Training Strategies

Welcome to this episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, the podcast that brings you real-life dog training results, and sometimes human training ones too!

In this insightful episode, Lauren is joined by wonderful Pro Dog Trainer and Naughty But Nice dog expert, Michelle, alongside Husky supermum and Gamechanger Pro Dog Trainer, Loveday, to dive deep into the world of life with multiple dogs — and how to solve the many struggles, behaviour battles and training challenges that tend to arise in multi-dog households!

Listen in with us as Lauren, Michelle and Loveday share their expert training tips, troubleshooting tricks and personal insights from their years of experience living with multiple dogs to help you truly enjoy the incredible fun of a multi-dog household.

We’ll explore strategies, solutions and techniques for equipping your dogs with the skills they need for well-behaved and harmonious coexistence, plus we’ll dive into:

🐾 How to successfully manage the dynamics and chaos of a multi-dog home
🐾 Why skills like calmness, self-control and turn-taking is essential for all dogs
🐾 Ways to ensure calmness and harmony with all dogs during visitor arrivals
🐾 How to navigate interactions between multi-dogs within the home, and beyond
🐾 Why lifestyle strategies like Ditch the Bowl and Boundary Games are vital for all dogs
🐾 Ways you can maintain sanity and not be too hard on yourself if things go wrong
🐾 How to manage food, walks and training for multi-dogs (even if they don’t get along)
🐾 Why regular alone time is vital for preventing stress and anxiety for all dogs
🐾 Ways to ensure you have one-on-one time and training with each of your dogs

Tune into “Managing Multi-Dog Households: Expert Tips and Training Strategies” now as we delve into the wonderful joys – and sometimes chaotic challenges – of having multiple dogs, while bringing you a host of practical hacks, expert hints and top solution-seeking strategies guaranteed to help you create a balanced, happy, and harmonious home for your pack!

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