Living Your Best Life: An Interview with Lauren Langman ft. Dan Tower Anderson

Living Your Best Life: An Interview with Lauren Langman ft. Dan Tower Anderson


Step right up Gamechangers! In this seriously cool episode of the Sexier than a Squirrel podcast, guest host Dan Tower Anderson is welcoming you behind the scenes as he interviews our very own Lauren Langman!

In this super fun episode, Dan chats with Lauren on all things dogs, life, learning, running a business, seizing opportunities, meeting new people and truly living your best life!

✨ Listen in as Lauren shares her journey, from youngster to lawyer, to schoolteacher and dog trainer!

✨ Learn how she discovered the world of dog training and how she made her passion into her mission - and in turn began to change the lives of owners and their dogs locally, and throughout the world!

✨ Discover how having the rock-solid support of family, friends and an amazing team, as well as a magical home base, and a true zest for playing all out and living life to the full can really bring you the very best of opportunities!

✨ Find out all about how Lauren met Tom and learn when, where and how the worldwide phenomenon that is absoluteDOGS was born!

✨ Plus, listen in to find out how Bowerland, the magical home of absoluteDOGS and Devon Dogs, became the enchanting and sparkly epicentre of dog training that it is today!


Plus, we can’t forget that this is a dog training podcast. As you’re listening, we want you to get INSPIRED! Even if you just take ONE lightbulb moment from listening to Lauren’s journey, we want you to take that and discover what LIGHTS YOU UP and dream of all the ways that you can put your own special mark on that.

This is a truly special, and beautifully insightful episode and it is certainly one that you won’t want to miss! Jump in and have a listen – and while you’re here leave a review for us and share with us what was your biggest takeaway!