Live, Laugh and Train ft. Ann McGloon

Live, Laugh and Train ft. Ann McGloon


Join us with Ann McGloon, a Pro Dog Trainer and incredible Scent Work Geek, Search and Rescue handler, top notch instructor, and an amazing human being. 

Ann shares her experiences with us, how Pro Dog Trainer has grown her as an instructor, as well as offers her fresh perspective with her clients to help them reshape their dogs brain in the best way possible. 

Listen in as Ann shares how games and concepts have helped her in her journey. We love talking with Ann as her passion, joy and optimism shines through. We delve into facing challenges with our dogs, with life and navigating tricky situations with a more optimistic approach.

As someone who has been featured as a guest speaker at our Super Trainer Live annual dog training conference for both pet owners and dog trainers, Ann always offers wonderful insights. This podcast episode is filled to the brim with how your training, your relationship with your dog and daily life can be transformed through the joy that games bring from Ann's unique perspective. Jump in!

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