Learning to Love Self-care: Strategies for Success ft. Justin Prust

Learning to Love Self-care: Strategies for Success ft. Justin Prust


How do YOU define self-care?

What does self-care look like to you?

Self-care looks different for every one of us and in today’s episode, we’ll be diving into both of these questions, PLUS bringing you some amazing top tips and tricks, laughs, life hacks and super strategies you can use to level up your own self-care and become more aware of the things in your life that can impact your self-care.

Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the insightful and inspirational self-care solutions we’ll be diving into in this episode:

- Look out for yourself and put your own oxygen mask on first

- Sharing is caring! Get talking, let go and don’t hold grudges or bottle things up

- Embrace laughter as a pressure and tension release to change your state

- Be your authentic self and speak your truth (even if you need to apply some edits)

- Give yourself opportunities to take breaks from pessimistic spaces and situations

There is so much more packed into this episode and we just know it’s going to help you on your own self-care journey AND if you know anyone who needs a little more self-care in their lives, or a bit of an optimism boost, this is the episode for them too, so why not share it with them?!