Interview with Pro Dog Trainer Nikki Thurston

Interview with Pro Dog Trainer Nikki Thurston


In today’s first super BONUS podcast episode, we dive into some exciting dialogue with one of our Pro Dog Trainers, Nikki. We hear about her inspiration, her journey, her successes, what shaped her future, and how being a Pro Dog Trainer has changed her life. 

Taking the leap into Pro Dog Trainer isn’t just about being an amazing Trainer 3, playing games, and re-shaping your dog’s brain to effectively get REAL LIFE RESULTS! It is also about perspective, positivity, and an amazing community of like-minded individuals achieving incredible results with great owners all over the world. 

In Nikki’s interview, we get to hear about how taking the leap, risking forward, and choosing to be a Pro Dog Trainer is possibly the best decision you can make!

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